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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the winds tell part of the
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story. the first of a series of storms batter the bay area. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. this has been a morning of gale- force winds, heavy rain and commute headaches. the storm has come through. we have live team coverage on the storm watch. steve paulson is in the weather center to tell you how much rain has fallen. war live in marin county and in san francisco. we begin with at sfo. any flight delays? >> reporter: yeah. there are a quite a few. the airport is reporting more than 70 flight cancellations. there are a handful of flights that are on time. there are many delays. some last had more than an hour. there is a little break right now. the airport says expect delays throughout the day. rain and wind outside, passengers waiting and looking to see if their next flight is on time inside. >> i should have been on the 7:00 flight this morning. due to the weather, i'll be catching the 11:45 to dallas. >> former track legend jim
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heinz was supposed to be an earlier flight to texas. because of our weather in the bay, some scheduled events will have to wait. >> i had had some press conferences scheduled for this afternoon that would have to be put off until tomorrow. >> the rain and wind played a number on flight schedules at sfo. the faa issue add ground hold which cancelled about 73 flights as of noon and delayed several others. some being affected for more than 2 1/2 hours. >> rather than have aircraft circling in the sky, waiting to land, instead a take off slot is established that will allow that aircraft to come in when it's expected to. it will reduce the amount of circling and also reduces the like hoofed aircraft having to divert to other airports. >> it wasn't just at the airport were passengers were affected. the delays on the roads made some passengers almost miss their flight. >> i was really tense. my wife off toward drive me. we didn't take the fast way
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through hayward. we took the 580 to the 880. that's delayed. this is even going slow for me. >> the average delay at sfo is about 75 minutes. airport officials say airlines are trying to take advantage of the lighter amount of passengers by canceling and combining flights. the weather you are headed in or out of sfo, double check your flight status as the weather may change. >> the weather is crazy. this is the craze east wintertime weather i've seen in california in 20 years. >> we did check with other airports. we checked with oakland international and san jose. they're reporting no or very minor delays, if anything. back to you. i think some of the totals
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checked in about -- >> sorry, steve. your mic isn't working. continuing our storm watch coverage, the situation in marin county got some heavy rainfall this morning. we're live in san rafael. the rain let up. looks like a little sun. still windy? >> reporter: yeah. the winds have been a factor. we've been on the north side. richmond san rafael bridge since 4:00 a.m. we started out with dry conditions. then heavy rains and strong gusty winds. and now we have a little bit of some sunshine. the clouds beginning to break up a little bit. we took a short drive and did find heavy rain in the 10:00 hour approaching ross and the san anselmo area. crews were out cleaning storm drains to help minimize flooding problems in that area. heavy rain in san anselmo. the creek only went up about a
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foot and a half. it's about 3.5 feet right now. it's gone up a little bit but holding steady over the past hour. we've been watching the conditions. the winds have been a big issue. earlier this morning during the commute the winds were really ramping up. we talked to the chp officer on the bridge helping a disabled motorist. the winds even surprised him. >> it surprise medicine very much. i felt like i was going to get blown off the bridge at one point. cars were speeding by, rain, a little on the dangerous side. >> reporter: as far as the winds, we took the van across the bridge earlier. we definitely noticed especially with the higher profile, the gusty winds. you have calm conditions, then the wind gust definitely moves the car and the van around. this will be a concern for today. we still have a bit of a breeze out there. the national weather service extended the wind advisory into the early part of the
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afternoon. steve paulson will have more on that. also i should say the winds adding a chop on the bay waters. alex savage is live in san francisco with that part of the story. displt waters have been pretty choppy all morning long on the bay. sunny skies out here right now. we have essentially this storm has blown through our area. people and their pets are out here enjoying the nice weather really at this point. folks are walking their dogs at east beach right now. an hour and a half ago at this same spot, the rain came pouring down. it was coming in waves all morning long. this band was intense. the stormy weather sent a lot of people and their dogs scrambling for cover. one woman said her dogs enjoy being out in the rain. >> i think so. they're going to the beach. they're with their friends. this is what they do.
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they have fun. >> reporter: this storm also triggered some minor street flooding in san francisco today. we saw some cars driving through standing water along old mason road this morning. there were more crews out there putting up flooded signs to give drivers the heads up as they passed through there. the warning is going out from the coast guard. there will be more storms moving into the bay area throughout the week, strong winds. they are taling people to be very careful if you are going to be at any of the low lying beaches around the bay area. be careful. they don't want people to go in the water. they believe the surf conditions will be even dangerous throughout this week. back to you. our system has moved through. there is sun out right now. we're on the back edge of this. it's done. still could be off and on little showers. the main cold front is moving
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east. there was some really heavy rain in lake county. in the russian river area, no reports yet, probably about two inches of rain. connectfield, marin county, three quarters of an inch. oakland, san francisco, palo at oh, san jose about a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. the system has moved through. there is a lot of clearing behind that. i think it will be mostly sunny, breezy and on the cool side. we're not done quite yet. there could be a few showers especially up toward the north. the focus now will be on the next system which comes in. that will come in late thursday, friday. that might take aim at the north bay. >> thank you. in contra costa county this morning gusty winds and steady 
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rain made for some slippery driving conditions. our crew shot these pictures on highway 24 near orinda. when the weather turns stormy, the highway patrol urges drivers to slow down and use their headlights. we're monitoring conditions minute by minute. steve will be back with more on the forecast. you can get weather and traffic updates at anytime at, mobile and through our mobile apps. investigators in alameda say a fire in an east bay high school classroom is suspicious. fire crews rushed to alameda high school around # 3:30 a.m. and found flames in one of the classrooms. a window in the classroom was open which is one of the reasons the fire is suspicious. one student we talked to said this has happened before. >> last year, there are a couple, if not three, reported fires in the bathrooms. i guess somebody was lighting the trash cans on fire full of paper towels.
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>> some books were burned and a window was damaged in the fire today. president obama made a public plea to congress to pass a bill that will head off the looming fiscal cliff. >> i've got a pen. i'm ready to sign it. >> surrounded by middle income americans, mr. obama warned that if the bush tax cuts are allowed to expire january 1, every taxpayer would pay more next year. the president said that would cost a typical middle class family of four an extra $2200. >> that means less money for buying groceries, less money for filling prescriptions, less money for buying diapers. >> this morning republican house speaker john boehner said his colleagues are willing to discuss new tax revenues but
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only if democrats agree to new spending cuts. a bay area national guard crew just headed out on a rescue mission. >> steve paulson is back with more on when today's rain will end. he says there are bigger storms ahead. >> it was really close to their backs. if that was higher, i think it would -- >> you will hear more from a terrified south bay resident after bullets were fired into her room with small children inside. on your prepaid card?
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two families that share a house in gilroy barely escaped injury when someone opened fire on their home. police say this was a embank related drive-by shooting. it happened just after midnight on glenview drive. the suspects first fired on an unoccupied car parked on the street. then they took tim at the house. a bullet went through two doors and a closet almost hitting some children asleep in their bed much one woman in the home who has a four-month-old baby became emotional when talking about the shooters. >> what if it was their family? what if something happened to them, something that they -- like if somebody shot at their brothers or sister, their baby, how would they feel?
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>> the residents say no one in the home has any gang ties. police say this is the second gang related shooting in gilroy in the past few days. the santa cruz district attorney's office has found that the police shooting of a cupertino quarry worker last year was justified. in a statement the district attorney's office said the santa clara sheriff's deputys who shot and wounded the man had a reasonable need to protect themselves from death or harm. authorities say he shot nine co- workers at the quarry in october 2011, killing three of them. they found him 26 hours later. an autopsy showed that while officers bullets hit him several times, he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. a daring rescue operation off the mexico coast. air national guardsmen from the bay area left this morning for the mission. >> a sailor aboard a philippine
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merchant ship about 1,000 miles off the mexican coast suffered major head injury and needs medical treatment. early this morning help was on the way. rescue helicopters and aircrews took off from moffett field. they'll be performing a complex and risky save tomorrow morning. the first option for guard jeb angel rescuemen is to hoist the injured sailor off the vessel by helicopter, then transfer him to a trauma center in the united states. >> the second option will bring the c-130s in and we'll parachute into the water and stay with the ship until it makes landfall. >> over here to translate for a patient that's out in sea. you don't expect this kind of thing every day. it's a privilege to pretty much be a part of this mission today. >> the badly injured sailor needs to receive care from a neurosurgeon. 129th rescue wing air mean will
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be translate forget nonenglish speaking crew. the air national guard's mission is to train and be be prepared to perform its wartime mission of combat search and rescue anywhere in the world this. is the third similar mission in nine months. back to you. a authorities investigating two more suspicious fires in vallejo, the latest in what might be the work of a serial arsonist. the first fire was at 5:33 a.m. at amadoor and ten streets. the seconds was at 6:15, three tenths of a mile away at 300 broadway near alabama street. arrest and police investigators are looking into the morning's fires. there's no word on whether today's fires may be connected to three suspicious fires in vallejo two weeks thaig occurred want half mile radius. several small fires in contra costa county are being investigated as arson. on monday a trash can was set on fire in front of the antioch
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library on 18th street. two people reportedly ran from the scene. an hour late area second fire was set in another trash can on west 20th street which spread to a van causing some damage. no one was hurt in either fire. arson is suspected in an unrelate the porch fire at a concord home saturday. fire crews worked to put out a one alarm fire if pacifica this morning around 5:30 on the 1300 block of peralta road. authorities are still investigating how it started. daly city officials are watching a hillside that collapsed after a water main break there month. crews have been shoring up the site near hillside park ever since the incident on november 13. an eight-inch pipe broke spilling about 45,000 gallons of water and trig earing mudslide. the city has spent almost half a million dollars replacing the soil and vegetation on the hillside.
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for some things have pretty much wound down and we're seeing some sun of the for others it's still raining. there are some breaks in the clouds especially north and west. down toward parts of the east bay and san jose and on the peninsula, we still have some rain. couple updates here, casadero had 1.90. really heavy rain over toward clear lake. petaluma an inch and a half. santa rosa had over an inch of rain. lexington reservoir 2/3 of an inch. crockett half inch of rain. about a third to a quarter inch palo alto, sfo, oakland, san francisco, lesser amounts as you head south. the system is still producing some rain. most of this will wind down fast. we'll have partly cloudy, partly sunny skies, cool and breezy. there is a definite line stretching from brent wad to livermore and mess anton and dublin. there is some of this activity lingering back and 580, seat
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seat split, back to fremont, union city, over to the peninsula, then it washes out a little bit. so there's still a little bit here, but it's about another hour and we'll be done with thank you very much then we'll focus our attention on the next system. that's the one that i think has better potential that will line itself up late thursday afternoon and evening into the north bay. mendocino county, napa, sonoma and marin, that could be there for a while thursday. that could produce some really heavy rain if it doesn't move, if it stalls out. that will sweep over the area late thursday into friday for everybody. that will be the third system in the pattern of the there will be one more on the weekend. for us this system from this morning we're almost done with it. i think things will wind down pretty fast. still some showers, breezy, sun, clouds. rain holding on parts of the east bay, south bay and
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peninsula. about another hour things should be done. this is the first of three systems. next week looks dry. until went we have pretty good rain in the north bay thursday night into friday morning. everybody gets in on that. one more system comes in on the weekend. things should wind own and end sunday. about a quarter toinch two inches, the one coming in, if it stalls out on the north bay, that is when they can have a lot of problems, russian river, mendocino county, lake county and also marin county. >> any snow in the sierra? >> very high. this is a really warm system, not cold. snow level is above 7500 feet for some. >> thank you. the writers who vote baseball players into the hall of fame will decide if barry bonds deserves a spot in cooperstown. he is set to appear on the hall of fame ballot today along with roger clemons and sammy associate all of the they've all been associated with
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steroid use. voting takes place through next month. there is breaking news just in from the 49ers training camp. 49er coach jim harbaugh announced colin capperknack will start sunday. he are replaced alex smith who suffered a concussion a few weeks ago in a game. the niners play the rams in st. louis this sunday. controversial comedian cat williams in trouble again. he is accused of leading police on a chase in sacramento. police say he drove a three wheeled motorcycle on a sidewalk and almost hit several people before police called off the chase. it happened sunday afternoon after williams was reportedly asked to leave a hyatt hotel after a disturbance call. two weeks ago he was arrested in oakland accused of hitting a man in the head with a bottle. he is also facing a lawsuit over an on stage meltdown during a performance in
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oakland. ahead, we'll tell you what has investors encouraged on wall street. the powerball jackpot keeps rising. you can't play in california.
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stocks shrugging off an early loss. the dow was down 100 at one point. stocks are higher now after president obama said he
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believed lawmakers could arrive at a framework of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. one analyst said we're all on pins and needles waiting for every bit of news or rumors coming out of washington. the dow is up 79. the nasdaq is up 14. s & p is up 7. 400,000 unemployed californians are also closely watching the fiscal cliff negotiations in washington, d.c. that's because emergency federal unemployment benefits are due to expire december 29, unless congress extends them. in california notices of the possible loss of benefits are in the mail this week. powerball ticket sales are soaring today as the clock ticks down to tonight's drawing of a record jackpot. people all over the country are joining the rush to get rich. the powerball pay off has ballooned to more than $550 million. it's still growing.
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there are no powerball tickets sold in california. one of eight state that is don't sell powerball tickets. many are are relying on out of state friends to buy them a ticket. others are taking a trip to oregon to buy their chance at the good life. today, a live look outside shows the sun has emerged from behind some of the rain clouds. the break is not expected to last for long. we're tracking the next round of storms and the impact they could have on the commute thursday. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile on your prepaid card?
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